There's a new organization that's currently being developed from the ground up and presently recruiting staff members to assist in the framework of this wonderful organization and platform. This platform aims to develop pathways to assist gamers in networking with other gamers across any platform or game that's currently out there. The community portion will assist in providing a structured and positive environment on various games and platforms. See below for additional details about GamerLinkz!



While Vast Gamer will more than likely remain closed I welcome everyone to keep checking back for more updates on GamerLinkz and their progress toward developing an evolved approach at uniting gamers. Several former staff members from Tactical Carnage, Vast Gamer and Reality Purge Gaming are currently assisting with the development of this amazing project!

Effective immediately the old Discord server will become no longer supervised and emptied out as everything has been moved over to the GamerLinkz Discord which is located on the left.

Should you be seeking a potential leadership opportunity please seek out Moorehead and express your interest. Depending on the vacancies available they may be able to assist you in finding something that needs to be worked on that you'd also enjoy participating in.

Vast Gamer History

Our community initially was founded in 2009 under the name of Tactical Carnage. The name was later changed to a brand that was a bit more professional. During its peak it was a community of around ten thousand active members. Unfortunately as the industry has changed significantly and leadership began struggling to maintain a balance between life and the community sadly the community began to shrink. It was decided toward the end of 2016 that it would be officially shut down and converted into a casual environment. At this point its strictly casual and a place for core members and friends to hangout and game.