Vast Gamer is strictly a casual gaming environment at this point. While that may change in the future, right now we're all just focused on enjoying whatever game we're playing and enjoying life. There is no website or forum, just a Discord which is linked off to the left. Feel free to reach out to Chris Lenga to launch a proposal on something we should do with Vast Gamer if you've got some clever ideas. As of right now, we're casually playing games like 7 Days to Die, Battlefield 4, Diablo 3 and Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The future of this brand is very unclear but that doesn't matter as we're all enjoying life.


Our community initially was founded in 2009 under the name of Tactical Carnage. The name was later changed to a brand that was a bit more professional. During its peak it was a community of around ten thousand active members. Unfortunately as the industry has changed significantly and leadership began struggling to maintain a balance between life and the community sadly the community began to shrink. It was decided toward the end of 2016 that it would be officially shut down and converted into a casual environment.